mohs surgery

31 Jul

Had mohs surgery for skin cancer yesterday on my chest, shoulder and left ear. God, I was not prepared for the holes left behind. Back and chest are ok, I’m not running around without my shirt anymore, right? Oh but my ear, my poor ear. I should have had plastics but I have Kaiser. When one has Kaiser, plastics are out of pocket unless the hole is in the middle of one’s face. The nurse gave me a mirror to look at the damage to my ear, she seemed pleased with the fine work the surgeon had done. Horrified at the flap that had been my attached ear lobe, I stammered out in a thin voice “she’s going to reattach it isn’t she?” The nurse realized I was not so pleased with an ear detached from the ear canal south. She said she’d have the doc consult with me. The Doc realizing I was in shock simply came in and stitched everything together again. Whew. Now what am I to do about the half inch deep divot behind my ear…


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